Role of a translation agency

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To start with a translation agency offers services that involves translation. A translation agency either employees translators full time or outsourcers the work to qualify and professional translators worldwide. Depending on the language and the resource availability the language translation work is carried out by the translation companies.
What is important for a client to know before engaging the services of a translation company is?
1. How does the company operate? Are they having qualified translators for the domain the client is engaged in? The client can receive the profile of the translators and review the strengths before engaging the translation agency. Typically professional translation agencies share the information with confidence with clients.
2. Is the translation agency a reputed, certified and time tested one – As a client you can ask the translation agencies certification process. Are they a certified translation agency? Do they have an ISO 9001 and DIN EN 15038 standards. This ensures the client is dealing with the right translation company.

As far for the translation agencies, it is important to understand the client requirement, and involve the right set of translators. A seasoned translation company keeps atleast 5-10 translators on board for each language that they translate, some go specific and maintain an industry wide database of translators for. Eg. Medical translators, legal translators, technical translators, etc.

A translation agency largely does the project management work; most of the translation agencies do not do translation services in-house. They outsource, the reason being, it is difficult to find all natives in one country. Today with the help of internet, the translation agencies leverage the technology to connect with the resources worldwide. So from any corner the resource is in control. The skill sets of the translation agency lies in keeping these resources engaged pay them on time, give regular work.

About Lyric Labs

Lyric Labs is an ISO 9001, DIN EN 15038 certified translation agency having offices in India, Malaysia, Dubai and Germany. Lyric labs offers translation services in more than 142 languages. Works with more than 1500 and more translators and offers 30-40% lesser than the available rates in Europe and USA.

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