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What’s the best online proofing That solution completely meets the Organizational and managerial needs of people who work at digital agencies and have to Cope with the regular flow of graphic design solutions? Among Several Specific services in this niche, there is one That particularly stands out and fits everyone.

My name’s Noah Stephenson. I’ve been working in digital advertisement long enough to face a huge problem That slows the workflow and takes the final results are: inability to manage and control Effective designers in one spot. After a THOROUGH research, I’ve come across a humble service alled Which turned out to have a lot more Advantages in Comparison with the Similar web resources for online proofing, and streamlining the review and approval process we’ve already heard about . I’d like to stop here and talk about Them in detail.

ProorfQuick Vantage


To keep a control of the artist and the work flow management approval for my design solutions, all that I needed was a registration and adding all Team Members to the system. I was pleasantly surprised That a free trial version for 15 days was a fully functional with no limitations. What I also liked was the fact-That the service was fully integrated with Windows and Mac, and the proofs were supported in common formats like PDF, GIF, PNG, JPG and EPS. Awesome, but Rather this is a user-friendly service, Despite it’s humble and unattractive visual appeal.

This is how an empty proof-board looks like in the browser version on your PC:


Among other Advantages you can also find:

  • cost-effectiveness,
  • No extra soft needed,
  • No extra hardware needed,
  • both browser and mobile versions supported,
  • no extra knowledge,
  • Corporate Services,
  • simple design and fast speed,
  • internet based instant communication,
  • e-mail notifications,
  • customizing of settings,
  • Infinite workflow history,
  • Full reports,
  • Make-up tools, Deadlines and notes, etc.,
  • Easy check status,
  • Easy to store and archive,
  • Abandoned Account Restore allowed, etc.

This is not a full list of pros Which I’ve found beneficial, there are more than Minuse while Pluses Using the prepaid subscription.

And this is how it looks like with the work loaded:


People Engaged in digital marketing and graphic design, logo developers and other people who are design proofing solutions or graphic PDF document processing in the workplace, get not only affordable user-friendly and really quick solutions, but also much fun, communication, support in the for their Creative Process.

This Service Allows Immediate communication During the work flow without leaving the workbench for all Participants of the process, whenever they have an I-net access. They work in real time regime. By the way, people added May Easily switch is on their roles in the work (eg from an Artist to Approver or add Observers without any rights to APPROVe or reject, etc.)

You can change your e-mail Notifications Settings According to your company’s needs or write an individual e-mail template to send the customized messages and act On behalf of your company name, but not ProofQuick (default) anytime you want.

Any employee of any advertising organization Whether it’s a large corporation or a small company will be Able to manage and control any document Directly in the workplace within a few minutes. Multiple Page Load is allowed Which Saves Your Time with voluminous documents to process. Besides, you can pick a bulk of contacts to add Instead of adding each new user into your account manually. Report section supports the function of import / export to any spreadsheet program Which suits your needs the best.

This is the Proof details with comments and Highlight tools:


It does not matter how many versions it is Necessary to make, one or 1,000. Tools That Allow Proofquick offers that too. That I’ve checked myself when i needed to produce one thousand copies of Two Different Editions catalog each and squeezed into my schedule at the eleventh hour. Proofquick in handy and was most APPROPRIATE to my needs, Because it works fast, without any delays or glitched. At least, I have not any Notice. In Addition, it does not charge for the page number within a proof, neither does it for the page number of versions. You pay for the initial proof only!  

Here’s another screen shot made on my I-phone:


So, with no RELY on the page number in your document, 1 or 10, you will always get a new version of Approved or rejected file, so you can be sure you’re documents are logically and Securely Stored That deprives the work of Confusion and flow over the child, etc. There are no charges for the user ” quantity within a current project is on either. You get the original full sized docs Each time you’re Approved so That You Can Be Proud of Your excellent appearance design.

To sum up, it’s hard to find a full online Which Tool Set Enabled to manage and track the quality control of Everything That You or your team does, the Enable Immediate communication and feedback, as well as in growing Allows Changing roles. The genius lies in simplicity. I believe that this is the case. I recommend the tool to everyone who seeks for a comfortable online proofing workbench at affordable prices and loyal terms and use conditions.



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