Are you Psychic?

Autor: Donald Snatchbury

Did you ever have a feeling that you knew something was going to happen before it did? Have you ever felt the feeling of déjà vu? People who have experienced these two phenomena often wonder if this was just a random coincidence or if they could in fact be psychic. If this is just like you, then read on to learn if you may be psychic.

Power is Available

Let’s begin with the premise that power is available. There is clearly no shortage of power in the universe. All the stars above and the beautiful earth below attest to the universal power in existence.

All People Have It

Let us think of this vast, enormous reserve of power as the best computer ever built. Also, let’s consider that we are all plugged into this power, for without it how could we even live? This power contains everything in existence, and more than that, it contains all the potentialities that ever could be in existence. As everyone is “plugged into” it, everyone has the opportunity to achieve advanced knowledge.

Some Find It Easier Than Others

Some people find it very much easier to access this knowledge than others. For one thing, the people who don’t believe in it of course cannot access it, for they have shut themselves out through disbelief. Belief is the prerequisite.

Then, there is the interference that gets in the way of other people. Some want to access this power but they are constantly messing it up by ruining their energy. Energy is primarily ruined through disbelief and bad, negative thoughts. People who are ruining their energy are pulled down into environments that do not support creativity. For example, depressing environments ruin the energy. It is very hard to achieve anything creative in this state.

Only a Few Develop It

Finally, you have the people who are intensely interested in the source of power. They keep their energy clean through various healthy methods and they develop their abilities constantly. Energy can be kept clean through many techniques including, pure thought, caring for others, yoga, meditation, healthy diet, thoughts of compassion and commitment to help the entire planet in any way they can. They want to help people and they do help people. Such people may easily tap into the greater knowledge sources and are generally known to be psychic, if they so choose.
There you have it. This is an introduction to the question of “Are you Psychic”. Such questions are complex and not easily answered with short essays. If you have an intense interest in psychic phenomena, if you have special abilities and if you are attracted to the idea of helping people and developing this knowledge, chances are you have the power there just waiting to be tapped into.

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